Contest Timings should be changed

Most of the participants on CodeChef are from India.
8-10 PM IST is dinner time in India.
(Also 8-10 PM dinner time everywhere in their local time).

See other platforms, to maximize participants from their country, they have very good contest timings, most of the doesn’t conflict with dinner timings.

Platform | Country | Timing (Local Time)
LeetCode | China | 10:30 pm / 10:30 am
AtCoder | Japan | 9 pm
Codeforces| Russia | 5:30 pm
Coding Ninjas | India | 9 PM onwards, or 6 PM onwards

It’s better to start CodeChef contests after 9 PM IST, or prepone it to 7 PM IST.

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I totally agree with you. Preponing starters to evening or afternoon is good.

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