Converging Maze Nearest Meeting Cell

Problem statement: You are given a maze with N cells. Each cell may have multiple entry points but not more than one exit (ie. entry/exit points are unidirectional doors like valves). The cells are named with an integer value from 0 to N-1. You need to find the following:

Nearest meeting cell: Given any two cells - C1,C2, find the closest cell Cm that can be reached from both C1 and C2.

Note: Aim for O(Log(N)) solution.

INPUT FORMAT - First line has the number of cells N

Second line has list of N values of the edge[] array. edge[i] contains the cell number that can be reached from of cell ‘i’ in one step. edge[i] is - 1 if the 'i’th cell doesn’t have an exit.

Third line contains two cell numbers whose nearest meeting cell needs to be found. (return -1 if there is no meeting cell from the two given cells).

OUTPUT FORMAT - Find nearest meeting cell (NMC).

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Problem link/source?


problem setting is similar but statement is very different, it’s a totally different problem

U can find the nearest ancestor and nearest descendant of c1,c2 and find the min of both . If they doesn’t have u can print -1 . this can be done using binary lifting which takes O(logN).