COOK127 WEIGHTBA TLE solution get AC


This solution is 0.56sec > 0.5 sec, why AC?

Java solutions have a 2x time limit multiplier.

Got it. Thanks. I don’t know this lol :grinning:

Also, I am a node.js coder. But codechef nodejs version is so lower only 7.4.0, most situation will get TLE (but in codeforce and atcoder is 12.16 sometimes runs faster than java, is this reason why node.js so slower here, how much time they give to node.js, is that still 2x), I just change my coding to java here.

One of example is this:
CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone (node.js 3.06sec TLE)
CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone (Java 4.95sec AC)