Cookoff penalty wrongly calculated

I received a 3 hours plus penalty on cookoff despite solving 3 problems in one try, in 80 minutes. my rank should be well below 500 it is 1500 right now

It is the sum of penalties on all questions rather than last submission


You submitted 3 problems back to back and as @flash_0408 said its the sum of penalties of individual question. Looks like you already checked your code with an alt account and then submitted them here in one burst.

It didn’t work today or did it?


it is not Atcoder.

If that is the case, it will be caught by MOSS. No need for baseless allegations


Lunchtime has the same format as well. Only the last submission which increases the score is taken into account for tie-breaks.

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If that’s the case, he’ll be caught in plagiarism

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that’s impossible @aditnegi. Considering the fact that the time penalty is the sum of penalties for each question, your time penalty should be 80(last problem) + 2x + y (first two problems) = 180 (3 hours). That means, 2x + y = 100, but x + y < 80 according to you. So, x < 80 - y and 160 - y = 100 or y = 60. upon taking max x. else at min x, y = 100. So whatever data you have provided here is undoubtedly wrong

Alright didn’t know thats the case I actually did solve all the 3 problems and submitted them together didn’t use an alt account though, it was easier this time. Wasn’t aware it is calculated like this

I faced a huge problem after the site crashed. I tried to submit a problem solution and it took more than one and half hour to process it, crashing multiple times in between i tried to rectify the code and submit it yet it couldnt submit the solution.

Can someone explain how this works?
My total Penalty was 3:16:43 , rank 1326
I got 3 wrong submissions for CHEFNWRK, and got POLYREL and KFOLD right in first go.
My last submission was for KFOLD at 22:44:59.

You got 30 min penalty + 68 min for CHEFNWRK, 74 min for KFOLD and 53 min for POLYREL. Add it all up and you get your total penalty.

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