Copied Problem Red Blue Tree from CS Academy

And here we go again!

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Becuase you couldn’t even solve a single problem?


Internal server error, couldn’t load the contest page for at least 20 minutes + 1 copied problem. Thanks, Codechef for the wonderful contest.


Ok bro fine. But your googling skills aren’t going to help you land an interview at Google :slight_smile:

YES Sir, i didn’t.
but to be honest i didn’t cheat

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It’s certainly going to help you on the job once you land the interview.

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The editorial solution of CS Academy gave me a TLE. What is the intended complexity?

Not many were affected, only 50ish submissions in div2 and 200ish in div1 are okay for a div2 D problem

Who said i have good googling skills Sir.


We’ll investigate this further, but seeing that not many were affected, the contest will remain rated.


The editorial of CS Academy is O(n). I used fast io too. Still TLE

yes admin no need to unrate , I just wanna tell u this problem is copied .

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Sir please tell me what is going to help me in landing interview at google. Sir you must be an employee there i guess

Even if one question was same have you seen the total number of ACs in that question…it is 192 for division 1 and 57 for division 2.
So do you think the competitors who were appearing the contest knew about this…for the worst case take 2-3% of them knew so these numbers didn’t even effect the competition at all I guess…and making a contest unrated on basis of this and with these numbers doesn’t make sense.
The motive of this post was to make aware that one of the question was same from CSacademy… right @ssrivastava990 ?

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You said that I have bad googling skills. Actually it is not that my googling skills are bad, but I never search a problem during live contest :slight_smile:

Your googling skills are bad.
Thats not how you find a problem

In CSAcademy, n = 10^5 but here it’s 10^6. DFS should be able to do the job :thinking:

If someone copies the solution of that problem and submit it, then everyone below the ranking are effected, I am not asking for unrating the contest but there are many affected, and what about submissions before even the problem loaded ?

Just check out the runtime for the solution. It takes around .15 seconds to run on N <= 1e5 We have constraint here that \Sigma{N} <= 1e6. Assume that there is a case which tests this. It is bound to give a TLE.

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Seeing your rank in long challenges and rank in short contests, it gives a rough idea how well you are at googling skills :slight_smile:
You had better not directly said “You have bad googling skills”, you could have used other appropriate words :slight_smile:

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