Copied Problem Red Blue Tree from CS Academy

Question on CC : “

Same from CS Academy : “


oh! this is exactly same problem

exactly same… HOW!!

It is exactly same

Just changing R and B to 1 and 0 and rest every word is same… wow man @admin please look into this kind of cases… :tired_face: :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face:

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@pandey_ji1 aapko thoda to change krna chahiye tha bro :-1:


writer of the problem used following algo:
ctrl+c and ctrl+v
and new problem is ready


Looking at the number of ACs in both the divisions, it hardly seems to have affected the ranklist.
I am not defending anybody here but mistakes do happen and if it was one google search away, i am sure we would have seen many more AC submissions.

It is necessary to report this to admin but attacking the setter like this is not fair.


Writer probably copied the problem, it is not possible that he may think of the exact problem.

Googling skills are important in codechef.
Don’t you know already @ssrivastava990

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@ssrivastava990 bro kaha kaha ke sawal kar rakhe hai bhai :rofl: :rofl: ye toh shayad tumhe hi mila hoga sab logo mei :rofl::rofl:


Am i saying to unrate the contest or something else , I just said this problem is copied.

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Neither did I imply that you said that

Kiya to bhai ab kitna change kre, RB ko 01 kr diya .


bro even if i put the whole statement in google, it does not show the cs academy link

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Exactly… I am not questioning about the standard of the question…it was the exactly those type of difficulty leveled question that someone would expect at cookoff but copying exactly the same question, is it fair?

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@ssrivastava990 But bro you are very honest. Even though you knew that it was available on CS academy you did not submit the problem . :+1::+1:


Your googling skills are bad.
Thats not how you find a problem

Thanks for reporting. We’ll look into it.