Copied Problems on CodeChef

The recently held contest Coding Spark 1.0 has a problem (SPARK003) that is exactly copied from another contest Real Life Problems problem (ISOMER).

@admin @cubefreak777 @suman_18733097 Please look into this

The author spyder_sr of the copied problem is a 4* coder and he has submitted solutions to the contest which he is organizing. Isn’t it a violation of the Terms of organizing a Contest?


That shouldn’t be a problem unless there were prizes for the top performers.

Maybe, he submitted to test the problem. Anyways, testing while the contest is going on shows the failure of a person.

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He has copied one more problem from codechef Replace for X and he named it as Replacement of X

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Thanks for reporting. We’ll be taking action against the organizer.

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@anon9092686 he literally copied solutions for : SUBTRCOV BNSONSTR and TICTACTO

every rank he got in contets was due to cheating .
and we are expecting to make problems on his own :joy:


I’m not an admin