[COPS Editorial] AtCoder Beginner Contest 187 Video Editorials

Hi, everyone !!
Me and my friend Anshu Garg (anshugarg12 ) from Competitive Programming group, COPS IIT BHU attempted to make video editorials for the past AtCoder Beginner Contest 187 .

So, do watch the playlist.

and do like the videos and subscribe the channel
we will be posting editorials for future contests too.
The videos are a mix of Hindi and English.
Anshu Garg (anshugarg12 ) has also written the user editorials for this contest, check them out too.

PS : Anshu Garg (anshugarg12 ) had 7th rank in the contest and also had made the first accepted submission for the problem F in just 5:49 minutes and had solved all the problems within 24 minutes.


The editorials proved to be really helpful. Looking forward for the editorials of future contests too!!

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