Copy Button feature for Sample Input and outputs

Hey Coders ,
During Contest or while practicing , We need to copy Sample inputs to test our code , right ?.
And for this you need to use move cursor from bottom to top ( for me if i do top to down it selects all the text on screen ). While doing this , this sometimes irritates because you need to put some effort on you mouse or touch pad.
so , I wants to know about you views for COPY button , which make very convenient to copy test sample inputs.
Thanks :smiley:

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I already requested to @admin please place a small copy button after test case so that it will be easy for all of us while copying whole TC and i hope after cook off , (in lunch time) we will see the copy button :slight_smile:

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This is definitely going to be a premium feature from unacademy.


We are working on it, but it’s pretty hard to make it backward compatible with past statements as well, which is what we are trying to do now. So, yes, it will be ready, but it won’t be ready very soon.


Thanks for your consideration. :smiley: