Copying in April Challenge

Many of the questions of April challenge have been asked in Stackoverflow and many people have even answered their request, by posting the code. We need a fair competition. Admin look into the matter fast.


Could you post links to such malpractices so that it will be easier for @admin

Obviously post links only after contest is finished

Any other way possible? Because many can just copy the codes.

i think in case you find such people doing that put up a email containing the links the questions to they may help . dont post them in public as you said many will copy.

The people who copy answers from online will never progress in problem solving. They might win in codechef points, but they are losing in pretty much everything else. There is no better feeling than when you know you have solved something completely on your own.


cant agree more :ok_hand:

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how do u know that people are copying , i dont think u can check the solutions lol , anyways doesnt matter copying literally means wasting time for achieving nothing :penguin: , dumb people do that


Don’t waste your time in checking all others. Let them do what they are doing, they know what they are doing. You should focus only yourself and you should keep growing yourself only.


I just want to make things clear , If there is question answered on stack overflow or there is any code (or segment of code ) on online platforms that are answered or written before the contest start , it is allowed to take help as per codechef code of conduct . Asking for help during the contest is not allowed . Questions that are asked on monthly long challenges are never direct implementation of Data structures , so I dont think if someone copies a template of a Data structure that is in violation of Codechef code of conduct

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