Copyright takedown on CodeChef LunchTime Screencast

Are we allowed to record codechef contest like LunchTime or CookOff and upload it after the contest is over? I am asking this because I uploaded screencast of August LunchTime on 22nd August midnight and next day 5pm my video got removed from youtube after a takedown notice filed by Aiplex Software Private Limited. I tried contacting them trying to know what was the reason for this because I was unable to see any possible reason why it could get a copyright takedown notice but I didn’t get any response. I didn’t use anyone’s copyright protected content. The only possibility that I think (I may be wrong) why all this could be happening is that Aiplex Software Private Limited is hired by Codechef/Unacademy to issue takedown notice to any and all individual who uploads editorial/screencast video of CodeChef contests.

Video title: Screencast + Commentary of Rank 53 in CodeChef August LunchTime Div 1 || AIR 16
Video URL: - YouTube
Channel URL: Taara Sinh Aatrey - YouTube
Takedown issued by: Aiplex Software Private Limited

I am attaching the screenshots of what I received from youtube and my mail to the Aiplex Software Private Limited.

Also, I would request CodeChef to atleast retract the strikedown because I had no idea whatsoever if I am allowed to record and upload CodeChef contest or not. In fact, I thought that it shouldn’t be a big deal as I had seen people upload videos in the past for example Andrew Lawrence(@ecnerwala) and Neal Wu.


this seems to be a mistake. I hope you get this sorted out with an admin that can actually help you.

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Really hope that this is a mistake.

@aatrey07 - can you please send these details via an email to The team will take it up and will need your contact details for coordination.


Sure, will do that. Thanks!

Yes, you are allowed to upload your contest progress after the contest. The recording is your property and no company has copyright over it.

It’s relatively common practice to hire a company to send takedown requests for you, seems CC did that. Such companies are lazy, shitty scam factories who send requests for everything that might seem related at first glance, and since YT is also shit, they easily comply. CC should be pressured to cut ties with Aiplex right away or these cases will keep happening.


I have already raised this issue to Waiting for their reply. Can some @admin please look into the matter or should I try submitting a counter notification on youtube?

@aatrey07 - we have already raised this to our team - getting it resolved. Will udpate here once it is done.

Thanks everyone for helping me out with this. The copyright claim has been released today.

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@aatrey07 - we have clarified again to the team that the take down requests are only for ‘during’ the contest to avoid plagiarism and not post contest. You wont face this issue again.

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I made a video on solving a problem which wasn’t even a part of any contest, it was a practice problem and my video was taken down by Aiplex Software Private Limited. Why would they do that? Could you please help me solve this?

@rajath_pai - will help fix this. please send your youtube channel name to