Correlation between CodeChef practice level and placement question level/rating

I am a beginner programmer who wants to change careers to software developing. I have been practicing on CodeChef for a month how and I feel overwhelmed by the number of distinct questions on each level. I want to ask for help to understand what level/rating according to CodeChef is practically sufficient to get through placement coding/interview round of decent companies (Approx job offers of 7 - 10 LPA). I would really appreciate any help on this matter! Thank you.

3 or 4 start is sufficient, after that is just fine tuning your code, eg - better time complexity or space complexity, 5 to 7 is also the same thing, fine tuning your code to such an extent so that there are no room for error. So if you are 3/4 start u should know till dp/graph, and most companies wouldn’t go there, atleast that is what i know. but still u should after that practice most asked question , and are good to go. Hope this helps :blush: and best of luck :heart: