Could you help me find error in my code

i took the div 3 august cookoff test and tried a solution for the problem - CLOSCHEF

my submission was incorrect(wrong answer). after going through the editorial i simply cut my code -

if(un>1){cout<<“0”<<endl;goto end;}

out of the for loop and right before the first if after the for loop.

This is the wrong code. on moving the line of checking ‘un>1’ out of the loop and right before the first if outside, the program in practice submitted successfully. terminating the loop for a test case early by the below code (having the jump statement inside for) i thought should save a bit of time and should in theory be the same as if this line is outside the loop (we are printing 0 and moving on to next case, ignoring any other inputs of the array we get) . can anyone help identify the issue as i couldnt… thanks

below is the incorrect answer code. moving the line if(un>1) outside the for loop and before the first if fixes the code. please point me out why this happens.

using namespace std;

int main() {

int t;

long long int n;cin>>n;
long long int num;
long long int no=0,po=0,un=0,z=0;

if(n==1){cout<<"1"<<endl;goto end;}

for(long long int i=0;i<n;i++){
    if(num>1 || num<-1)un++;
    if(un>1){cout<<"0"<<endl;goto end;}
    else if(num==-1)no++;

if(no!=0 && un!=0){cout<<"0"<<endl;goto end;}
if(no>1 && po==0){cout<<"0"<<endl;goto end;}


return 0;