Count no. of lines and no. of sentences in a paragraph



Well, I want to know how can you distinguish between lines & sentences.


Well,sentences end with a ‘.’ while lines end with a ’
’ character… Yep thats it.


Hum is that a programming problem in codechef? If so could you provide the code for the problem ?.. But I’ll try to explain… Sentences end in “.” and are followed by content on the same line or with words at starting position of the next line if there’s no more space in the current line… Paragraphs usually start with 4 or 5 spaces at the beginning of the line (correct me if I’m wrong)… If it’s a codechef problem give me the code… I would like to see it


Consider this example
“Ram height is 5.6”
In this what is the solution???


Correct problem statement should define what is paragraph and what is sentence, look at this one - .


Actually, it is slightly more complicated. Sentences can also end with a ‘!’ or a ‘?’. And maybe you should consider that this comment contains only three sentences, but five characters that end a sentence!


Ouch!You got me there! Dunno why I didn’t think of that xD


Sorry I left the page open before and there were no answers… But still wanting the problem code


i am clear