Counting Paths CSES Problem Set Solution

Continuing the CSES Problem Set Solution Ideas Series, here is the 2nd video. In this video, I have covered an interesting problem called “Counting Paths” from the CSES Problem Set. I have also discussed a cool technique called “Difference Array Technique” in this video.
Be sure to check it out as it will be very informative for you if you want to learn more about Trees and solving Trees-related problems using the Lowest Common Ancestor trick.
Pre-requisites: Trees Basics, DFS.
Problem Link: CSES - Counting Paths
Video Link: CSES Problem Set: Counting Paths | Trees | Difference Array Technique | Lowest Common Ancestor - YouTube

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You can refer to my repository on github, where i have solved many of the CSES problems & am still updating those solutions. I would also be giving a small editorial of the general idea about the solution approach:
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