Covid Sampling

Why is it written challenge in brackets ?

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It’s a tie breaker question. It’s not just about getting the question correct, but you also get a score. Before the contest ends, only your partial score(performance based on partial test cases) is displayed. After the end, your full score is displayed. Then you get points based on how close your score is to the highest score.

Also there are other points, like the max submissions is 100 during contest (500 for normal problems) and top 3 scorers get 300 ladoos (if you’re not in contest rank list top 3)


i am not getting this qstn correctly

Does the Max Submissions limit includes all the successful submissions too ?

Yes, i think so.

I could try to explain it to you but i’m not sure we can discuss it during the contest. I have understood what the question wants but i haven’t figured out how to get it :sob:!

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i haven’t understood anything

i don’t know :frowning: i am not getting the qstn correctly :cry:

I guess someone will help us get it correct, once the contest is over.

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Is there a specific point you don’t understand in the statement?

The maximum score of challenge question is 100 till now

by score, @novice_97 means the cost (the large number you see near the submission in recent submissions from profile). The score @aadiupadhyay mean is usually called points. For a challenge question based on the condition whether we should minimise or maximise the score, the best performer gets 100 points. The rest of the players’ points are decided relative to that best submission.

Hi All,
I am not asking anything about the additional test cases or logic or time complexity.
I would like to ask only one thing. Could someone explain how the probability condition P/100 is being satisfied in the given sample test case in the problem? I mean in 100 people if 2 people has COVID, how come in 16 people 6 people can be affected?
PS: I am sure that this question doesn’t violate the rules of the contest, but if it does please inform me so I will delete my question.



As written in the question

infection spreads randomly at first

Initially probability was P/100 & it is changed later

Probability of getting a heads is 0.5. Does that mean if you toss a coin 1000 times, it is necessary to get 500 heads?

Better we discuss it after the contest!!