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Have you tried competitive programming and feel like you are stuck at a rating for a long time or Have you wondered immediately after contest that what should be the probable solution of the given problem or Even if you are a newcomer who doesn’t know a great deal of this field of CP and want to explore it but don’t know how?

Don’t worry, we got your back as we are building a community to solve all these problems in a planned manner. We are listing in brief about our plans about this CP community and how are we seeing it moving forward. At start we are going to maintain four groups-> Leetcode community, Codeforces community, Doubt Forum and Codechef community. These groups are made with intention to get a community where everybody is:

⦿ Actively participating in asking and answering doubts
⦿ Discussing problems that they are upsolving after every contest
⦿ Getting timely messages about contest details
⦿ receiving resources in order to ace on coding platforms.

We discourage discussing answers or approach during the contest timings, that’s why respective groups will be made admin only during contest of a particular coding platform. Groups will be made active for every member as soon as contest finishes and discussion will be made available for next 24 hours. Doubt forum will be provided 24 X 7 for clearing and asking doubts. Leetcode community will also be opened 24 X 7 as large number of people are involved in solving problems on leetcode .
Our future goal is to organise intra-community coding competitions to promote binding among group members with surely some prizes or incentives as we grow further. People with high rating will also be considered for incentives provided they are ready to help community with being active. It’s always said that getting right group for CP is necessary for everybody to excel and we are committed to provide you one.

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