Hi! I want to learn CP, so I try to get enrolled in online course
what should i go for
GFG CP course
Coding Ninja CP Course

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Hello, I will suggest you to not enrol for any course.

Competitive Programming is not something that can be taught in a classroom in a structured way.

Watch this video : https://youtu.be/UO6s6IxEBho


you can checkout my channel , i teach courses like disjoint data set , graph theory , number theory all these concepts along with practice problems.



Yes, there are a plenty of free and awesome resources online like this one.

These people are awesome and do so much to promote the community.

Also, watch my seniors attempt to teach recursion.

(Also watch part 2 intro to get full idea)

Dude, I’m your fan now! :joy:

I like your humorous take on these businesses.
And yes, I also agree, these courses are just a mode of business for them. I also haven’t seen any successful competitive programmer from these courses. They are just shops trying to sell their products.

Its sad that they are diluting the spirit of competitive programming.

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Opened discuss after so long. I am amazed to see, how much community has grown.

People like you are doing great for the community.

Bhai!! Ye tareef thi ya bejjate

I agree with whatever is said in the video and I don’t think you need to pay hefty amount for CP at coding ninjas etc.

That’s what I said bro :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank’s Bhaii

You can only get better by doing a lot of problems. Online courses can’t do that for you.


thank you brother.
I am just doing my part helping this community grow.

Exactly @tmwilliamlin