Cracking the coding interview vs Practice on LeetCode, Hackerrank etc?

I am in my final year of I am a 3 star on CodeChef(1616 highest rating).

I have less time. I want to use the time in most optimum way to prepare for the interviews. I want to invest my time in good questions rather than solving any random question. I have found these two ways to prepare for the interviews, i.e. use sites like LeetCode and do this book “Cracking the Coding Interview”.

I want your opinion what should I prefer, questions from the sites, or I should start solving this book ?

Thank you.

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Personally , I feel Leetcode problems are of great quality. I have done a few. Cracking the coding interview is a very nice book but i don’t think , it will be enough for problem solving. It rather teaches how to act in interview . So for really cracking the coding interview , i would suggest doing both.
and Leetcode also hosts contests regularly , so you get a feel, how to solve problems in limited time.