Create a object from csv data in java

hi guys ,
can you please suggest how to create a object from csv data in java…
this is following question please suggest how to proceed.
Create a Driver class
Create Person class with the typical member data: id, age, first name, last name

Derive Shopper class from Person:

  1. Include the following members in Shopper class:
    private int shopperId;
    private double budget;
    private AbstractItemFactory itemFactory = null;
    private AbstractCartFactory cartFactory = null;
    private Cart cart = null;

Create Shopper object from CSV data:

20 POINTS: Design a Cart class:

  1. Derived from AbstractCart
  2. Include the following member in Cart class:
    private List items = null;

10 POINTS: Design an MobileShopperCart class

  1. Derived from Cart

Design a CartFactory class

  1. Derived from AbstractCartFactory
  2. Implemented as a Lazy Singleton
  3. Return MobileShopperCart objects (as Cart)

Design a Item class:

  1. Derived from AbstractItem

Design a HiTechItem class:

  1. Derived from Item

Design a HiTechItemFactory

  1. Derived from AbstractItemFactory
  2. Implemented as a Lazy Singleton
  3. Return HiTechItem objects (as AbstractItem)

: Complete the Implementation of the supplied demo() method in Shopper class (use demo() method below)

Be certain that the demo method is implemented to perform the following:

Create Shopper cart using CartFactory:
Create Shopper tasks using HiTechItemFactory:
Add 4 items to Shopper cart from following CSV string data:

"1,150,HDTV,32 inch HD TV”
“2,400,4KTV,53 inch 4k UHD Smart TV”
“3,100,Monitor,Computer Monitor”
“4,1500,OLEDTV,55 inch OLED Smart TV”

Driver must call the following static demo method in your Shopper class:

public static void demo() {
System.out.println("\n\t" + Shopper.class.getName() + “.demo()…”);

Shopper obj = new Shopper("1,17,Dan,Peters,101,2000.0");

// add shopper cart Factory (CartFactory) to Shopper object
// use Cart Factory to add shopper Cart to Shopper object 

// add shopper Item Factory  (HiTechItemFactory) to Shopper object
// use shopper Item factory to add all items to Shopper Cart

// show shopper cart

// remove Monitor item from cart

// show shopper cart

// show shopper shopping results

System.out.println("SHOPPING BUDGET: " + shoppingBudget);
System.out.println("SHOPPING CART TOTAL: " + totalCartDollars);
System.out.println("SHOPPING BALANCE: $" + (shoppingBudget - totalCartDollars));

System.out.println("\n\t" + Shopper.class.getName() + ".demo()... done!");