Credit Suisse Global Coding Challenge 4.0 2022 (FT + Internship opportunities)

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Register link: Global Coding Challenge

Credit Suisse is back with the annual Credit Suisse Global Coding Challenge and registrations have now begun. With the previous editions seeing more than 20K registrations, we are prepared to break the ceiling this time!

The competition will run from October 5 to October 23, 2022. University students across the globe will attempt to code their most efficient algorithms to nine coding problems ranging from EASY to ADVANCED. Solutions will be scored by our automated evaluator and students placed on regional and global leaderboards.

The student at the top of our global leaderboard will be crowned our Global Coding Champion and walk away with a MacBook Pro. Exciting prizes also includes the iPhone, iPad Pro and Nintendo Switch and much more. More than 100 participants with great performance will be rewarded with attractive goodies and incentives. In the past editions, following the competition, those who had done well had joined our prestigious Summer Internship or Technology Analyst positions.

Sign up today to represent your university and compete against the best universities across globe.

Unfold your coding skills. Empowered Engineering.

Now that the competition is over, did anyone get a good result for 9? Mine worked but had O(n^5) runtime, so not a great score, 97.2

Did you get tle? I got tle in c++ but the same O(n^5) code worked in java.

Can you give some hint, on how to approach it?
I tried with DFS but only 27 cases are passing!!

How many of them will get an offer for an internship ?

No TLE’s, I am super puzzled by this, now the scores are all over the place, maybe it wasn’t a terrible score after all? Now my worst score comes from 5 which is being solved in linear time, and 8 is just decent. Any clue what happened to the scores?

Can you please give me some hint how you solve it , because i’m not getting. Please if possible email me on mnyadavg[at]gmail[dot]com

Can you please give me hint how you solve it because I’m not getting it.please if possible send me on mnyadavg[at]gmail[dot]com

the fact it is O(n^5) is a good clue

Hey, any idea what happened to the scores? except the last one (in which 41/50 test cases passed)?
I solved all the questions and still, the score is 809. Earlier it was 879 before they normalized!

they renormalized everything giving a much bigger emphasis on execution time than before. They also fucked up doing that as they only rebalanced the score of the top 200. For example, the top 7 still has most of the questions with the old score with only 9 and 4 in the new scoring convention, so he in fact should be some 20 places below. Poor contest organization.

Do they hire this year as they did in the previous years?
If so, I got 205 Rank Globally, any chances of getting shortlisted for interviews?
And, btw I can’t see the leaderboard from past few days.