D2C Recruitables Question

There are two friends X and Y . In one turn,X chooses any of the element. Y chooses the median of the elements left.
This way only (N/2) turns are possible.
Greedy approaches of mine failed in hidden cases but ran on the smaple test cases only do help please
sample test cases:
1 2 3 4
ans 7
5 10 15 5
ans 20
The code i wrote :

ll n;
    vector<ll> a(n);
    for(auto &ele:a)
    ll i = n/2-1,j=n/2;sum=0;
        sum += max(a[j++],a[i--]);
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What are you saying . Please write the full question. Every body has got different coding questions.

first of all they had mentioned median but in test case they used it as middle element of unsorted array which is very confusing.
your logic fails for

100 2 1 100

can you share ur telegram id l would share the picture of the question there

got that but cant find the answer even now