Data structure and algorithms

  1. What all topics one needs to have clarity of in java to work with solving problems in Data structure and algorithm??

  2. While solving problems in Data structure and algorithms what is the best approach to address multiple test cases for particular problem??

you can go through ccdsap sectio of codechef for detail list of topics

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Thanks for responding.

I need to know what all do I need to know in java to begin solving ds and Algo problems.

I don’t think you need to know any algorithm beforehand to solve questions.
In a contest you must solve as many questions as you are able to.
After contest always look for one-two questions which you were not able to solve(like if you solved 2 questions in contest then try to solve next two questions). If you are not able to come up with any solution then look at the editorial and see what all (algo and ds) was required to solve the question.
Now solve the question yourself after reading editorial and look for more questions which are based on the same ds or algo.

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