Data Structure Tutorial : Introduction

I want to post o series of tutorial on data structure. I think it is useful for programming contest.
Please comment if u find any error.

Data structure is a particular way of storing and organizing data. Data structure provide a means to manage to large amount of data efficiently for uses such as large database and internet services . There can be many ways to organize the same data and sometimes one way is better than the others in some contexts.

Operations of data structure
We can also perform some operation on data structure such as insertion(addition), deletion(remove), searching(locate). sorting(arranging), merging(combining) etc.

There are two types of data structures. such as :

1. Linear data structure :  A data structure that traverses the data elements sequencially.       Example : array, linkedlist, stack, queue etc . 
2. Non linear data structure : A data structure that traverses the data elements  dynamically. Example :tree, graph etc .  

Algorithm is a list of instruction that can be followed to perform a task. To write an algorithm we do strictly follow grammar of any particular language may be near to a programming language.

Complexity of Algorithm
It is a function which measure the time and/or space used by an algorithm. There are two types of complexities such as

1. Time complexity : This complexity is related to execution time of an algorithm. It depends on the number of elements comparition and number of elements movements.

2. Space complexity : Space complexity is related to space needs in main memory for the data used to implement the algorithm.

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That is a good initiative taken by you. Thanks for it.

Btw, there are 2 typing mistakes - “A data structure that traverse” (it should be “traverses”), this is in 2 places

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Tnq for finding mistake.