Data Structures

I have heard that “data structures and algorithms” is a very important topic as far as programming is concerned. How should I start studying these topics? I do have a basic knowledge of c and c++ but still I am confused where to begin! Someone please help.

  1. Read about time complexity, big O notation, etc.
  2. Learn some trivial algorithms and data structures like sorting, arrays, linked list, etc.
  3. Start doing problems , if you can’t solve them then read the editorial if you encounter a data structure or algorithm you don’t know then learn it from this link :slight_smile:

there are many online courses on data structure and algorithms You can join them.You can also start reading some good books on algorithm like cormen which help you to start.

I can’t see the page because the page is not available or is private. Please provide the link again. It will help a lot.

Idk what issue you had.
But that is the link of previous Discuss and it now redirects to Data Structures and Algorithms . So this should be the correct link.

Use it in case of latex issues

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Is coding ninja or coding blocks good for all things you mentioned?

I don’t think so one should take course, as they explain your everything, you are supposed to understand everything by own.
Just be familiar with Input Output and basic programming stuff, your coding style and then practice questions for a specific topic by using Problem Classifiers.