Hello Guys,

I take the pleasure in introducing you to DataBread.

Following are some of it’s great and unique advantages which you cannot find anywhere else.

  1. It is a tool where you get all your contest ratings in a generalized or aggregate form at one place(from CodeForces, CodeChef, HackerRank, SPOJ and HackerEarth for now).

  2. The website also has an option to add a link to your LinkedIn Profile.
    This makes the website an awesome choice for organisations which hire on the basis of Competitive Programming.

  3. Also the Leaderboard contains coders from all over the world.
    This can be filtered according to your Institution or Country name, so now it’s easy to find your Friends there.

  4. The User profile page consists of details about a particular user which include all of their provided usernames to their profiles and their LinkedIn Account links.
    You may reach the user profile page either directly through the Leaderboard or through the User Search Page.

  5. Also, the website is growing immensely, 200+ users Already onboard, and it’s not even a month.

So for now,
All the Best.
Code Hard


Added Analysis on the User Profile Page
Check Your Profiles HERE. It shows the percentage of your ratings taken in account while calculating DataBread Ratings.

alt text

Looking Forward to see you on the LeaderBoard.

Register Yourself HERE

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Great Job.

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So far, I did not find anything extra to suggest. It even has link for LinkedIn Profile. I mean, you people essentially took care of everything, so I can just say that 'Bravo! Well done!!" :slight_smile:

EDIT 1- BTW, what was the motive behind doing this? I am just asking what purpose you people had in mind when you all thought that “Yeah! Lets do this!”. I might be able to give some suggestions if I know the aim. :slight_smile:


It’s a nice initiative but there should be a provision that you can see the leader-board of the friends after adding them rather than showing that entire leader-board to everyone(Just a suggestion).

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Nice work and congrats to all the team members. Interface and web designing is so nice and user-friendly that any one can share or login here. I personally suggest you to contact to Codechef by email. And tell him about about your work.

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I tried it just now. great work ! It would be nice if you can provide an analysis also…like total submissions WA , TLE , problems solved etc or maybe i didn’t noticed that feature


Its really a nice effort … it shows love for the competitive programming…cheers to them:)

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Can you add a feature so that we can add other people’s account. Because otherwise only a few people who get to know about this will be shown on the leaderboard and by using this feature we can add many more people so as to increase the size of the leaderboard.

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great job!! The website is simple and fluid. Its like a perfect combo!

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Hey dear! It just occurred to me (trivial Q but its important nonetheless)-

How are you guys making sure that one is entering correct usernames? One may potentially abuse/exploit databread by entering wrong usernames.

Eg- Person X may enter username of some other person Y, who is a top coder/has high ratings on hackerrank/SPOJ etc to inflate his ratings or show himself a more desirable candidate by this ill-trick.

Since your motive was also directed towards organisations hiring individuals, how are you making sure that the information entered by the person is authentic?

(You don’t have to tell how actually, just reply with Yes or No to imply that the issue has been already addressed to. :slight_smile: )


Hey @tushkitripathi,

nice job man, but you are not verifying user’s handles of other website, so if User A want to use User B’s codechef handle, he can use without any restriction. It is a big problem because it is directly impacting your leaderboard.


Can u also add topcoder?

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A small suggestion as you are showing the list of registered users to everyone irrespective of the person knowing the other person or not.So you can add a provision that a person has to add as a friend to see him/her in the leader-board rather than seeing him anonymously.

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wow,great if any promotion related help u can contact me…

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Few changes to the UI, added contact form in the navigation bar.

Find out here

Like our FaceBook Page for updates.

Hope you guys like it :slight_smile:

alt text

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Not that it’s important but you might want to check if the entered usernames are actually legit?
Great job otherwise!

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I wanted to get involved with your team, any help, Please respond.

And yes, congrats on the immense success, wishing you Luck :smiley:

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@mathecodician I guess such posts are not allowed!!
i.e advertising or something, maybe that’s why he’s been suspended.


Hey There guys,

@naksh9619 already suggested (thanks BTW).

Needed some suggestion. I am thinking of adding a new feature, a favourite (or friend) list.

I needed your views on whether that should be made public or not, i.e. should that favourite list be visible to everyone or just to that particular user.

Please leave your valuable comments below.

Thank You and

Happy Coding

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@mathecodician thank you.