Date of result

when will be the results for acm icpc online exam gonna be declared?

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Officially - “Soon.” :slight_smile:

Unofficially, i.e. my personal opinion - This week for sure. I thought it could be Tuesday, but if no notice comes up then it might shift to Wednesday or Thursday. (Assuming regionals work for shortlisting in Diwali holidays…else it will be another delay :frowning: )

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Ranklist is updated with plagiarising teams removed, so I hope results will be out Soon™


Amritapuri result will be out tomorrow.

From their site -

7th November: We have published the standings officially under ICPC Bayor Site. The list of selected teams will be published tomorrow. Please find the rule of selection here. We will try our level best to allot Coimbatore site to those teams hailing from northern India and Amritapuri site to the others hailing from the southern part of India.


Its 8th nov now… Where r the results? Amritapuri results are suppose to come today… But no update yet… :frowning:

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Last year it was declared around 9pm so wait for a while else it might come tomorrow.

The results for Gwalior site have been declared.

Kolkata Kanpur Region’s Selected Teams list has been released

Selected Teams:

Waiting list:




kolkata results are out too

any idea about kharagpur?

Amritapuri results will be declared tomorrow i.e. 9th Nov

Amritapura -

Be ready for a surprise. xD


When the result with site(either coimbatore or amritapuri) will be allotted for amritapuri onsite regional?

what are the chances of getting selected from the wait list of Kolkata Kanpur site?

Kharagpur results will be uploaded tonight.

-as received in response to my email today.

I have a doubt. The expected ranklist and selection list was already uploaded by some fellow coders on the forum itself for different regionals and that too a week ago. So if they are done with MOSS results then the results should be made available within a day or two as shortlisting teams in not that intensive task.

That’s a bit more complex!!!
If a team is detected by MOSS, they are given chance to appeal.
And this take some time.
Also, If a team gets disqualified, Next ranked team from his colleges becomes first ranked team from college.
Also, I don’t know if they automate it or NOT.
If they do it manually, It’s gonna take some time…

@divik544 - as per my experience goes, they should be done with MOSS, including hearing appeals by now. Its bottlenecking at time taken by regionals to shortlist.

@babangain - The regionals are given selection list after hearing all appeals and removing cheating teams.

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It had been like that since, I think yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure tho, it was updated when I checked in afternoon.


BTW @vijju123 in snackdown pre elimination round, my teams’s rank was 502 at the end. Given that 500 teams qualify, what are the chances that due to plagiarism, my team goes through.