Dear Admin, Please Fix The Compiler

This is my second encounter with the exact same issue of SIGSEGV with completely fine code which lead to me yet again wasting my time to find out that it’s not my code that is wrong, but the broken compiler.

Here’s the first case in which code that worked a month ago fails:

Runtime Error: Solution: 49394222 | CodeChef
Accepted: Solution: 46828342 | CodeChef

Runtime Error: Solution: 48910085 | CodeChef
Accepted: Solution: 48896411 | CodeChef

These two are very recent problems so I suspect it has to do with the recent issue we’ve encountered with runtime errors. Not only did I already pots about this issue, there have been a couple of other users doing the same, but as we can see nothing has changed since then. So I urge you to please take a look and try to fix this issue. @admin


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Thanks for reporting. We’ll investigate and get back.