Debugging help(Chef and Icecream preblem: CHFICRM)

can anyone help me figure out what is the problem with my code?
here is the link:

Approach is wrong. Why are you only adding 5?
You may see my sol

I am adding 5 because the chef will get 5 after returning the balance to the customer. My approach was that: After, the amount paid by the customer, the chef has to return 5 less than it. So, i checked whether chef has that amount or more than that amount for him to pay back(subsequently adding 5 to his balance which he gets for the price of the ice-cream). If he has it in all the cases then “YES”. I’m sorry, but i don’t get where i went wrong. Thank you for your code, i will look into it for reference.

You should keep the count of 5 rupee coin and 10 rupee coin.

Oo, i think i got something. Thank you.