Debugging help - GUESSG WA(0.00000)

Hello everyone,

I need help with the question GUESSG
This question was in June long contest. Instead of asking what is wrong with my solution, I need help with the debugging.
My solution is this:

I have added various assertions to understand and debug my code.

  1. Variable “Done” which is initially false and is set to true when program reads ‘E’ (which means I was able to get to the solution)
  2. Variable counter: which increments everytime I output a number for the query.

I always check at the end of my core function call (evalutate(1,N,N) whether done is true and counter is <300. These both condition are satisfied but I still get WA(0.000)
I am not sure what is the meaning of this as the goal is to find the number which is already caught by Var “done”.

I know that solution might not able to get 100 points or may need optimization, but I am mostly interested in knowing why am I getting WA(0.00) after the assertions or I am missing something huge.

Thank you in advance and would really appreciate some advise/suggestions.