Debugging in C++

Hey everyone,
Many a time we pass STL containers like the map, set, vectors as parameters to the functions.
Problem: While debugging code in C++. Specifically using step into option we can enter in that function but first, it opens hell lot of standard library files like stl_map.h, etc.

It is a bit frustrating to watch tens of library files, which is of no concern while debugging your code.

How to skip these standard library files to open in between the debugging. I had tried with CodeBlocks and Visual Studio Code. Any suggestion ???. It seems a very basic need but I had not yet find out a way to deal with.

For those who didn’t face this problem.
Problem generation: Make any function and pass a map into it. Make some insertion into it return that map. Now use step-wise debugging. You will get that. It is one way of generating the same scenario.

You can have a look at the CPP Conference talks on debugging:

  1. CppCon 2015: Greg Law " Give me 15 minutes & I'll change your view of GDB" - YouTube
  2. CppCon 2018: Greg Law “Debugging Linux C++” - YouTube

I didn’t something related to what the problem is.

Can you elaborate the solution?