December Long Challenge- Addition

I guess in the problem “addition” in the december long challenge, python has not been given 5 times the time limit, because I am getting TLE at 1.01 secs.
The time limit is 1 secs so TLE should be at 5.01 secs.
Please fix this, if this is an issue.

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As they mentioned in the Announcements,

The time limit for problem BINADD is set to 1 second for all programming languages. Initially it was configured to include the default CodeChef multipliers. All past submissions will be rejudged soon. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Hence Java won’t be mapped to 1 second = 2 seconds
(AND) similarly,
Python won’t be mapped to 1 second = 5 seconds (If I’m not wrong).

Can you give some more test cases for BINADD problem,?

Nah! That’s plagiarism. Please try yourself.