Decrease in Codechef ratings

A codechef user not solved any problem in January challange only saw the problems his codechef rating is decreased.
Is it possible ?.

I want to know how rating is changes .

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I don’t think rating would change unless you take part in the contest and make any submissions.

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A user is said to be have participated in or attempted a contest , if he makes a submission ( irrespective of whether its successful or unsuccessful ) .

So yes, if the user has attempted some problems , that is tried but submitted unsuccessful sumbmissions ; he is considered for rating and his rating decreases.

Another case might be that he did solve the problems successfuly ; but was caught by plagiarism detector ; and then his record of successful submission gets deleted and his rating decreases.

However, if a user doesn’t make a single sumbmission in the contest , he is not considered for rating .

Hope this clears.


How unsuccessful attempt affect the once rating. what I wanted to know is what If submitted the successfully in first attempt vs in the 100th attempt, will I get awarded with same rating point for the both cases?

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both are same in case of long challenge

Does rating decreases in case of TLE?

Even if you submit compilation error, it means you have participated. So yes, rating will decrease if no further submissions are made

The moment you submit a solution(regardless of error or working code) you have officially participated in the contest.
Few months back i attempted just 1 question in a contest and thought my rating would increase little bit (coz i submitted atleast 1 problem) but later understood that its a competition and ratings could drop if we don’t perform well w.r.t competition.