DEFT2020 Contest

DEFT2020 contest link, live till 17:00 , 10th July 2020

My question: I thought codechef did not allow taking problems from other sites…?
contest problem
geeksforgeeks problem

Also. i was going to submit my second solution when a message popped up saying that the contest is private and i cannot participate, even though i had successfully registered and no such error statement popped up then

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Yes the registration has been ended same problem occurred with me i was about to submit my solution few minutes ago but the same problem occurred with me too.

i had already submitted 1 and had clicked on submit for 2 when it said:

Sorry, you're not allowed to  access the organizer

something like that

To got to submit the problem showing this:
Sorry, you are not allowed to access this contest as it is restricted. Please contact the contest organizer to access this contest.

AND more then 3 problem has been taken from geeksforgeeks.
what is this man ???

ikr…they have literally copy-pasted the questions

Yes, in open contests conducted on CodeChef, one isn’t allowed to copy problems available on the Internet.

Also, that “Contest is Private” error might occur from Organiser’s end, while he/she might be updating some problem statement or something else.

Also, the CodeChef people, have removed the contest, already.

Also, we will atleast be able to submit after the contest is over, right?
because the challenge is no longer visible on contest tab over here

yeah maybe…because for a gap of ten minute or so, i was able to see the next question without any error message coming up

No, the problems won’t be available for practice.

As, they were directly copied from somewhere else, according to CodeChef’s Contest Rules, they can’t be made available for practice.

In short, in such situations, the contest stands “Cancelled”, and the Problems are not added to “Practice” Section.

It hurts when we submit the solution with all efforts and time and all of a sudden a message popped out saying “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this contest as it is restricted. Please contact the contest organizer to access this contest.”

I wanted to submit, man : (

I had already solved 2 and submitted 1 problem (I only saw the contest when i logged in at around 4:10) and then it suddenly goes …whoops

Try solving them on GFG (if they are available).

Also, the questions in this contest had no main test cases other than “sample test case”. So, not worth to submit it here. Because it will right answer, if the sample passes. I am saying that because I tried this thing in 3-4 questions to check, because mostly all the solution time’s were 0.0 (for nearly all the problems), and it worked.

Guys submit it on geeksforgeeks. Just google search the problem name. You can easily find them on geeksforgeeks.

Same here dude. What to say? as per “contact the contest organizer to access this contest” Does codechef provide contact details of organiser. I want to say something to that person. Just joking :rofl: :rofl: :joy:

i could only see what the first two problems were before the error popped up…

this is th link for VIEW2009

ikr…i don’t even know who hosted the contest! I bet it is there on the contest page, but …
to anyone who didn’t notice, the contest vanished within the first 5 minutes of me opening it in the first place !! :sweat_smile: :flushed:

this This is the guy who has hosted the contest. :joy: :joy: :joy:

Are you sure?
the guy couldn’t even solve his own problem in the first go lol

The details were not stated clearly

Under “Contest Details”, the details for registration were as follows:


You just need to have a CodeChef username to participate. No separate registration is required. If you do not have a CodeChef ID create one here.

But when I tried submitting it turned out that you need to register for the contest. The form included College details, but under contest details, it said anyone could participate.


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