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The high number of submissions this time is due to the fact that a lot of us have a lot of free time on our hands.
Also, the problems were easier as they required no special algorithms to solve, just observations and some implementation.


Not being rude, but you didn’t try enough. I know someone who started CP in June. He asked me which problems to solve in the long challenge. I told him that the first 5 are pretty easy. He solved all 5. If someone who just started CP could do all 5 simple problems, there is no reason to believe that this was a hard challenge. You shouldn’t be worried about plagiarism (for the first 5 problems at least).

You are 1400. My lowest was 1329 after the March long challenge (where I solved 0 problems). It is now 1764.


the contest is design mainly to promote new programmer to the world of cp .
As first 5 question are pretty easy and straight forward.

Also if you want a balanced a contest ,my suggestion is to switch to codeforces

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First 5 problems were very easy to say atleast.
For your higher number of submissions- 3rd problem was available on geeksforgeeks.
EVEN Matrix was just a cakewalk implementation.
EOEO was available on OEIS, even otherwise it was just a normal implementation problem. You can tell about the other problems like tupple or contain, they were not easily doable and had some good implementation

Well that person might be smarter than me. And yeah seeing the number of submissions alone made me not want to try. :-/ Maybe it’s just me.

Now I feel that problems do seem easier in the June set, nevertheless, I was only able to solve only two of them and I left it at that. But within a few days after the challenge started…

Are you saying that in a contest that’s 10 days long, you gave up super quickly, then got mad about other people having so many solves?


Firstly, this time it was easy, at least the first five problems. Though easy is subjective, so I would say it was comparatively easy than the previous Long Challenge. The second thing, about not being able to solve a lot of problems , see it’s perfectly fine if you couldn’t do it this time the only thing which matters is whether you are willing to take up the challenge again in the future. Now comes the thing about ratings, forget it. For now I think it is helpful to consider absolute performance rather than relative performance. I think it will help you to some extent. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sure I guess! @tannatsri

Not super quickly. I tried for another for two days and I felt really not motivated after that!

And yes, talking about that trust thing, I think you need to reflect upon that. This community has helped me a lot, and I believe it helps others also.

@akhila160 if you can’t even solve the top 5 within 10 days of this challenge then I think you are 1 year early , go and practice kiddo. Stop wasting other people’s time.


I don’t really try other problems if I’m stuck at one problem… :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks for saying that!

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Subtasks exist for a reason, you should definitely consider all of the problems


Yeah I expected to be judged alot. Thanks.

I would’ve been in division 1 if did 1 subtask of CONTAIN. I tried for 100 but failed :sob:

Ouch. You’re super close though, will probably get there next contest (or at least next long)

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yeah I know… :’( I know that I didn’t try enough… Maybe codechef could have given a heads up that this time it was gonna be purposefully easy… I don’t know…

That will never happen. I’d recommend upsolving those 5 questions now rather than being on discuss. The editorials are out anyway.