Hello Everyone! I’m new to programming and, i have been learning python for past two months! So far i have learnt basics in python. I’m able to solve problems of rating 0-1000 without much effort. But when it try to solve problems of rating 1000-1200 sometimes i find it very difficult to understand the problem! Even if i understand the problem, i had to spend hours to figure out the algorithm but later i realize that i have been approaching it in the wrong way! It’s really frustrating, i can see people easily solve those problems! I feel demotivated, i’m not sure whether problem solving is my strength, may be it’s not meant for me! I want to know whether i’m the only one who’s really facing this!

It happens with everyone brother…I am also facing problem in rating range of 1600>= so I just keep trying until I am getting some ideas related question otherwise I read and try to understand other people code…I will suggest just keep trying after sometime you will see the results :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support and suggestion brother! It gave me confidence that I’m not alone here! I’ll keep trying! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: