Dev C++ Setup For Competitive Programming

In this Video we are going to setup Dev C++ For Competitive Programming.

This Video is divided into 4 Parts
  1. How to download Dev C++.
  2. How to set code generation to ISO C++ ( So that you can work with STL library)
  3. How to you use templates. And how can we use to template in Competitive Coding.
  4. Some Shortcuts and How to enable Auto completion of Symbols.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Atom is also great for Competitive Programming, I use it… It’s really fast, nice-looking and great…

good job lokesh… sure it will help many.

Was extremely helpful sir…Thnks for sharing

I also Use Atom and its UI is pretty Good

Actually in most of the tier 3 colleges. Dev C++ IDE is used

nice thing to share @rajawatlks

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Can you do one with vim or sublime text 3

Actually I have not used both of them
But I have something for you
Here is the two best Video explanation of vim and sublime setup for competitive coding

Vim Setup

Sublime Setup