DFS, BFS using Vectors

I want to implement DFS, BFS using vector of vectors. Can someone help me with that? I have never code using vector, so it is a bit tough for me i guess.

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Do not guess, if you never used vector before, do some tests, read some examples…


void bfs(int s,vector adj[],bool vis[])
can someone help me ? how can i find the size of adj[] ?

Refer Geeks for Geeks for graph+stl solutions. Here is the link for dfs using vectors http://www.geeksforgeeks.org/graph-implementation-using-stl-for-competitive-programming-set-1-dfs-of-unweighted-and-undirected/

Refer to this link. Probably the best if you are a beginner in graphs c++.
Graph Theory Part - 1

i have read it already. i am not able to write code for Dfs and bfs using it.

If you can do it with arrays you can do it with vectors. If you can’t do it with arrays you need to learn dfs/bfs and solve some questions.

ya… i think you are right. but thanks anyways…

Try to solve this problem - http://www.codechef.com/problems/PETERSEN using BFS…

We can help you if you got stucked :wink:

Try to solve this problem - http://www.codechef.com/problems/FIRESC (DFS) also :wink:

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Well you have probably made a 2D vector and size of adj[i] (i.e no. of columns of a particular row) can be found simply using “adj[i].size()” whereas the size of adj[] (i.e. no. of rows of 2D vector) has to be passed in the function!

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