Did Anyone get interviews from April Long Challenge

Did anyone or their friends received interview calls from amazon from codechef april long challenge or cookoff

i am just asking this question to know whether they have already started calling people or not.

Please provide any info u can

i didn’t get any call

Yup I received today for sde 2

what was your rank in the contest

Are you serious ? How its possible to get an interview call with zero rating ? I think You had applied for the Job role on the company’s website.

what was your performance in all of long , cookoff and lunchtime @anon8809943

do you know anyone who got interviews

me too, got call from amazon for SDE 2, means my friend got,

Long around 100 cook off around 900 lunch around 200

Did anyone have idea how the interview takes places and what did they ask in the interview ?

But why to use alt for saying this

Wow i think they are going by resumes. Lol my friend had top 20 rank but he was from non core. so sucks the way they did partiality

if you are saying he is using an alternate account then thats a violation of codechef code of conduct. @admin would you look into this matter