Did anyone received intern offer at 'Robertson Tech'?

I have received an email from one person offering internship opportunity at their company named ‘Robertson Tech’. But I am totally in doubt on existence of this company because they don’t have any website and that person is sending email using a ‘gmail’ domain. When I asked for website she told me that as an intern we have to build their website and all. Also, when I asked linkedin id of higher authority she replied
“Before I can tell you anything else about the company or management, you’ll have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in person. Our legal counsel will guide you through the process if you are selected for the internship.
This is being observed because Robertson Tech has applied for patents on multiple products and we don’t want to raise any eyebrows at the moment.”

So I am totally in doubt on this company. I am attaching one screenshot of their first email.
Let me know, if anyone received this email after September Long Challenge ?