Did someone received the test link of codenation republic day challenge

I registered for it but didn’t got the test link. I just want to know anyone got or not.

No. Even I registered for the test but haven’t received any test link from them yet. Maybe they’ll send the test link tomorrow morning or just before the test starts tomorrow evening.

Nope, not yet. The test starts at 7 pm tomorrow so maybe tomorrow morning (hopefully).

Where can i register?

The registrations are closed as of now.

Registrations are closed . After giving the exam can you post questions ?

Sure, no worries.

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I got this today morning.

me too (there will be a fight at 7 pm)

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Virtual Intern with FreeCharge or Imperfecto for 3 days

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Open Interviewbit.com and login with the given email at the time of registration.

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Can you send the link?

Can you send link?

solved 1 problem with 50% marks.

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Can you post all the questions?


How many are you able to solve

2 questions. Codenation loves bit manipulation and that is a weak topic for me

bro bit manipulation :sleepy: