Didn't received laddus for top challenge score JAN 2020

My CodeChef ID is cskanani. I was ranked 1st in division 2 for January Long Challenge 2020. My challenge score was also highest. The contest page says that “Top 3 Challenge Scores (except winner) will receive 150 laddus”.

I have not yet received the Laddus. I tried contacting Codechef team through Facebook but didn’t get satisfactory response. I have also communicated my issue through email, I came to know that they have credited the laddus to wrong users (instead of top 3 scores they have credited the laddus to users with the lowest scores).

It’s been a moth since I have first communicated this issue with CodeChef and I have still not received the laddus, @vijju123 @admin please look into this.

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I talked to admins and I will update you soon. Give me 1-2 days.

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Hi @vijju123,
Thank you. Received laddus.

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Happy to help :slight_smile: