Difference between the type of programming questions on codechef and codeforces

I’m opening this discussion to have a conversation about the type of programming questions on both these platforms.
Now, with respect to learning and understanding cool data structures and algorithms I think CodeChef does a really great job with it’s questions. They really test your algorithm skills.

When it comes to Codeforces, do you guys think most problems have a lot to do with knowing equations, math, derivations, properties and formulae?
If someone wants to become great at competitive programming there, then remember when we used to say "Hey, I’m never going to use this formula in real life then why should I even learn it? " I have a feeling CodeForces is the place where you could use those formulas.

What is your opinion on the type of problems on both these platforms and most importantly, what do you think is a better time investment in terms of the worth of the things that we are learning.


Codeforce need some more critical thinking and logical reasoning power to over come question , even A probelm can make yoiu think harder while this is not case in codechef at least for beginner problem ,but after that you require same thinking and logic as in codeforce , so basically both are looks same plateform for DIv 1 but in DIv 2 you might feels some easy sometimes but it gradually increase in Div 1 so imo both are good and no need to compare it


I agree. Exactly. The problem A of last nights competition is what got me thinking about this. :slight_smile:

Yeah their A problem is mostly harder for me than B or C. I mean in expectation level.