Difference in difficulty of questions from Contest , from the rest

So i am a very newbie to programming and recently attempted my first ever competition , which attained me my first star. Since the contest the site starting suggesting me questions with difficulty 1000+ . But as i was solving them , i realized the difference in level between questions from previous contest vs regular practice questions , which have the same difficulty rating. ITS NOT EVEN A COMPETITON. in the picture above i skipped the problem with competiton tag becuz i was having trouble with it , then i moved on and solved that one in less than a minute. I was so shocked how could this happen.

On a side note , maybe i faced this specific issue with just these two questions , and this might not be the case with all questions.

Hi @chirag_agg_5k

  • Almost all of the problems in the practice section which have a difficulty rating are from ‘rated contests’.
  • The difficulty rating is computed based on users who attempted the problem during the contest

There is some variation in actual difficulty v/s the difficulty rating → but the current difficulty rating is significantly better than our previous gradation of problems in the practice section.

Do share your feedback once you go through a few more problems.