Dis satisfied with the rating mechsnism

I gave three contests in a row all rated namely ALKhwarizm , April Challenge,Code Melange but while distributing ratings codechef distributed first the rating on the basis of the date of start of this contests,Even though I secured global rank 567 in the contest and my early rating before all three contests was 1573 The codechef first increased my rating on the basis of April Challenge as per my good performance which ended 8 days after the organisation of April Challenge and then Codechef decreased my rating since I gained 1666 rating in April challenge and the system thought that I performed poorly in the contest “Alkhwarizm”. But the codechef does know that long challenge is a period to learn and then earn the rating this increment in rating of a contest which later ended before the result of the contest which ended previously is a ridiculous policy of the codechef and it should work to improve it and add real time changes in the rating on the basis of their end dates not on the basis of their beginning date or on their priority as set by codechef. THE current rating mechanism seems Completely ILLOGICAL in my perspective . CODECHEF SHOULD UNDERSTAND THIS SEVERE ISSUE OF RATING DISTRIBUTION MECHANISM.

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Chil bro don’t think too much about rating build that damm skill …