Discrepancies in Codechef Rating


Hello All,
My codechef rating after last cook off was 1976 until I checked today afternoon. Suddenly it displays a discrepancy of 1975(-1). May I know the reason why?
[1]: https://discuss.codechef.com/upfiles/Screenshot_(33)_TVqMHcB.png

Ratings are recalculated after palgarism cases are reolved. Because some people are removed from ranklist, ±delta change in ratings of others are expected.

This may be the reason.

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As i would expect, For any person not involved in Plagiarism, his rank would only increase if users ranked above him are removed from ranklist. This would explain positive delta changes in rating, but i don’t understand the cause of negative change after recalculation.

Can you please tell? Thanks.

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