Discrepancy in rank of tentative winners of CCDSAP scholarship

Can anyone explain why people with lower combined scores are getting higher rank in tentative winners list announced for CCDSAP scholarship?


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Hard to understand the rules :expressionless:

List is wrong.
Instead of Combined scores, college rank is given in alphabetic order.
Hope admins will look upon the matter.

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where is the list posted?

On August challenge page scroll down hope u will find out link of list easily

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People with 5+ rank are also getting 75% on scholarship, why?

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They are giving scholarship div 1 and div 2 separately so may u have checked combined list of div 1+div 2.so any person with 5+ rank in combined list may have <=5 rank In any individual list.if I am wrong please inform me.

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If you are right, then according to you there should be two person getting 100% scholarship. One from div-1 and one from div-2. Correct me if I considered your statement wrong.

May be if div 2 1st ranker has cumulative score is equal to div 1 1st ranker cumulative score (I am not clear about rest of rules because the have shown a very complex algorithm in finding ranks) may be they are using relative ranking system.

Well there is a single list for both div1 and div2.
Combined scores also include scores given for non-scorable problems (i.e problems of other division)
And from combined scores, college rankings are given (students with equal scores are given same rank).

And for scholarship given, though it was written
top 5 will be given 75%(300+ scores)
and for top 10 and top 20

But all the students with 300+ score are given 75% scholarship(expect first)
and students with 200+ score are given 50% and 100+ are given 25%.
Which means top 5, top 10 is given no consideration, just scores matter.

I don’t know if its a error or scholarship ruled have been changed.