Discrepancy in Rating changes

Graph: 1

Graph: 2

Attached above are two rating graphs. I have some doubts regarding the rating changes. We both got the same rank (177), and because Graph 2 has the lower initial rating, it makes sense that his rating change would be higher than mine. But it should not be that higher than his final rating becomes higher than mine. Here we see that he got +63 which made his final rating higher than me.

Is this change expected/justified or is it a bug? @admin

Bruh… difference is of 1 rating point

Yes, But ‘why’ that’s my question? Technically it should not be there in the first place. Furthermore, the absolute difference is significant.
PS: I don’t really care about the rating tbh, I am rather curious about how is this change justified.

why not? Have you read Codechef Rating Mechanism?

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Bro if u score good rank in the early contest then the rating increases more because your volatility isn’t that stable in the initial stages and can vary but because you have given many contest in the past your volatility won’t change drastically.
Now suppose if you both underperform he will lose more rating than you.

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