Discuss account login issue

my codechef discuss and codechef account are not same… i mean whenever i click discuss page i am automatically logging in to another codechef username…i have tried logout and login options but its getting automatically logged in…i think my codechef account is linked to another discuss account…
how can i fix this problem?

You can click on your Discuss profile and you will find there, a link to your CodeChef profile. Verify that it is your account indeed.

If it is not, e-mail them about this.

If it is, I think that while making your CodeChef account, you flipped the locations of your name and your username. (this makes you think you have logged into another codechef username.)
i.e. you might have put your username where you should have put your name and vice-versa.
(That is what I think and it might not be true.)

Try e-mailing them or something because I don’t think you are allowed to change your username after making an account.

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Hi, please send an email to help@codechef.com with the exact details.

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