Discussion among java and C

Among Java and C which one should I learn? For how long do you think will C survive?

i would rather suggest you to learn cpp if you are interested in competitive programming.

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it depends on what u want

speed - c++

better ide, syntax assistant - java

small code - python

for Competitive Programming C++ is most common due to its speed and small syntax

coming to ur ques how long C and C++ gonna survive ? well may be for atleast next decade as there is no competition when it comes to speed

but as processors are becoming faster day by day we probably wont mind using any high level lang

It is totally depand on yourself. Java and C have different scope and use cases into industry.

Java is Object-oriented programming language, which follow bottom-up approach. Whereas C is procedural programmin language and follow top-down appraoch.

C is used to - Design system software, evalaute mathematical equation, embedded system, develope application software, graphical application etc.

Java is used to - desktop GUI application, Web application, mobile applications, enterprise application, scientific applications etc.

Both languages are offering high paying jobs.

Many expert and researchers predict C will survive more than Java programming language.